cuando en el fondo del mar seas sirena.

aficionado a las estrellas, mareas, maremotos.

my fluff journey, day 59: fluff spontaneously goes to west virginia
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a realistic tv show where the only queer character has no love interest and maybe cries a lot

"Recuérdame en alta mar,
amiga, cuando te vayas
y no vuelvas.
Cuando la tormenta, amiga,
clave un rejón en la vela.
Cuando, alerta, el capitán
ni se mueva.
Cuando la telegrafía
sin hilos ya no se extienda.
Cuando ya al palo-trinquete
se lo trague la marea.
Cuando en el fondo del mar
seas sirena."
Rafael Alberti (via naufragaras)

i have
so much
so much
has been


to the hurricane girls, the tornado girls,
anxiety girls, hard-headed girls,
girls with eyes
like the shadows that dog them at night.
to the girls more alive than a forest
of salamander streams and nesting birds,
more quiet than an empty mountain
snow peaked or tree covered,
dark, light, empty, full.
to the girls too scared to speak,
too scared to open their mouths
like they’ve been taught they shouldn’t.
to the girls who scream anyway.
to the girls with lipstick stains,
animal teeth, words curving around their canines
used like armor, like a weapon.
to the girls
you are a storm, you are a weather pattern;
a jet stream, you are made of everything
but you are also small.
a raindrop, a rivulet running off of an empty street,
coursing down a gutter.

to the girls
who bring destruction and salvation
in the same glance, touch, action—
radiation of a love so tender, so strong
a hundred people could drown in it
while it keeps a thousand more afloat.

to the girls,
know this:

a mirror can’t show you who you really are.
no one can show you who you really are.
but some of us have caught a glimpse
the truth was blinding.

musing on broken things


i wake up in the morning wishing my arm was broken instead
so that maybe i would get a cast
and people willing to sign it
and sympathy.


i love my job but this is the first time in my life i’ve been so frustrated and upset that i’ve actually thought about going home